Why Berries Make Healthy Choice For Kidney Patient?

Fresh, colorful and kidney-friendly fruits and vegetables aren’t just good — they’re good for you. Powerful compounds called antioxidants found in certain foods neutralize harmful molecules called free radicals, the normal yet damaging byproducts created when your body produces energy, fights infection or is exposed to toxins. Eating foods full of antioxidants is beneficial to your overall health. One of the best ways to get antioxidants is by eating a variety of colorful foods daily.

Berries are great for maintaining healthy kidneys, as they provide a wealth of flavonoid antioxidants, which help to rid the body of free radicals. An excess of free radicals is thought to trigger a number of kidney conditions.

Berries are anti-inflammatory, and are high in vitamin C, which can support kidney health, as well as bladder health. Red berries have the added perk of anthocyanins, which have been linked to the prevention of a number of chronic illnesses, including a number of cancers.



They’re excellent sources of Vitamin C, antioxidants, fiber, and again, very low in sugar. These berries have special urinary tract benefits since they prevent ulcers and bacteria from developing and even fight current ulcers bacteria in the kidneys and digestive tract. Enjoy dried cranberries sprinkled on a salad or on their own as a snack. You can also drink cranberry juice.



Cherries are high in quercetin and ellagic acid. This antioxidant flavonoid has been shown to promote cell and tissue health. From this aspect, consuming cherries contributes to repairing kidney damaged cells and tissues to a certain degree.


goji-berriesGoji berries

Goji berries have many health benefits for stage 4 kidney disease patients. For example, Goji berries have special polysaccharides which work to help enhance immune system. Also goji helps expel wastes and toxins from the body, which lightens kidney burden. Thus, kidney function can be recovered to some extent.



Blackberries are high levels of soluble fiber known as pectin, which is able to lower cholesterol level. Besides, they are also powerful antioxidants, which help prevent diseases from attacking our body.

Sprinkle fresh berries on your cereal or oatmeal, use frozen ones in smoothies or bake them into pies.



Strawberries are a rich source of antioxidants, vitamin C, manganese and fiber. They contain anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties and are a good choice for a healthy heart and kidney.

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