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DaVita India operates in 15 centres across 8 cities in India which include Bangalore, Hosur, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune, Puducherry, Kuppam and Punjab.

Our flagship centre in Bangalore is located in Shanthinagar and we have two shop-in-shop centres at Excel Care Hospital and Bengaluru Diabetes Hospital. All our centres our fully-facilitated to provide maximum patient care to achieve outstanding outcomes. Our team of nephrologists, dialysis technicians, nurses, psychologists and dieticians strive to provide holistic care to kidney patients and give utmost importance to cure and care.

The centre at Hosur is fully equipped to provide dialysis in a home-like environment. The centre is offers treatment to every kind of kidney problem and uses the same sophisticated health care models and technologies that are used at all other DaVita centres.

Our flagship centre is located at Kilpauk in Chennai and the other two shop-in-shop centres are located at BRS Hospital and Kumaran Hospital. All our centres at Chennai have full-time nephrologists to provide round the clock service to renal patients. The centres have renal ICUs and OT backup facilities. The centres are equipped with MX Eco fresinius RO, the first of its kind in the country. Patients are provided transport facilities and the centres in Chennai conduct the most number of dialysis in a week.

Our centre in Delhi is located in Primus Super Speciality Hospital. The centre is equipped with world-class facilities with a great team of nephrologists, urologists, vascular surgeons, physicians, nurses and technicians who are more than eager to provide the best care for CKD patients.

The Hyderabad centre is in Poulomi Hospitals. The centre is armed with full-time nephrologists and in-house dialysis technicians who follow strict quality and safety protocols of international standards to give the best care to patients.

Our centre in Pune is at Noble Hospital. It is a spacious centre with 12 dialysis units, 5 having beds and 7 equipped with imported recliners. The ICU houses 3 dialysis machines for patients on critical care, and the centre offers treatment to all forms of renal disease, including Acute (reversible) Renal Failure, Chronic Kidney Disease and End Stage Renal Disease.

Our centre in Puducherry is at PMM Hospital and is rated No.1 in dialysis. Our renal care team works as a whole and provides 24-hour services to ensure quality patient outcome.

In Punjab, we have two DaVita centres, one at Patel Hospital, Jalandhar and the other at Ludhiana Hospital. Both the centres are equipped with the best available dialyser reprocessing machines in India, called the Automated Renatron II Machine and the highest specification RO. The centres follow the international protocols for safety as in all our other centres.

Our centre in Kuppam is located at P.E.S. Institute of Medical Sciences and Research. It is the best dialysis facility available in the town.


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