Kidney Aware™ – An Introduction

17% of urban Indians are at risk for kidney disease and over 2 lakh people in India have some form of kidney disease, every year. Diabetes & hypertension are the leading cause for kidney disease and people over the age of 50 are at significantly higher risk. The only way to detect kidney disease is through screenings and education.

Kidney Aware™ is a patient education program dealing with a comprehensive overview of management of kidney disease and comorbidities like diabetes & hypertension. It is aimed at improving awareness, engagement and empowerment of the patient community to handle kidney disease.

Taking action begins with Kidney Aware™

Your educator will share:

  • Discuss important information related to kidney disease
  • Explain the causes, risks and management of kidney disease
  • Educate you about diabetes and hypertension and their role in kidney disease
  • Inform you of treatment options
  • Answer your questions related to kidney disease and its complications

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