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It is always a difficult choice to choose the good and right hospital for your medical needs for a patient or care takers. Kidney Dialysis Center in Hyderabad has expanded a desirable reputation of providing quality healthcare solutions which are accessible to all sections of the society.

Nephrologists here are expert at diagnosing all kinds of kidney diseases. By properly diagnosing a disease, they can recommend successful treatment. Our physicians’ proficiency goes from the bedside to the clinical lab where forward-looking research is helping form tomorrow’s treatment options for your kidney diseases.

Our entire team works to assess, treat, direct and instruct patients to make sure kidney health, facilitates our patients to attain their overall treatment goals. To efficiently address your kidney disorder, our nephrology team is dedicated to working closely with you and your primary care physician to fully investigate your treatment options and help you precisely choose the correct treatment for you.

About our center:

  • Our Hyderabad center at Poulomi Hospitals provides the highest standards of medical care to its patients.
  • The hospital is equipped with full time nephrologists and in-house dialysis technicians to make sure our patients are taken care of round the clock.
  • Our nephrologists follow strict quality and regulatory processes and protocols of International standards, they educate patients on rehabilitation, and participate in a team of specialists to offer the best treatment to patients from the moment they walk into the facility.
  • The key to success comes from our well-informed dialysis techicians and clinical team working as a team.

Our services at the centers include:

  • Hemodialysis
  • Home Hemodialysis
  • Consultation
  • Nephrology Outpatient Consultation

Our Center in Hyderabad:

DaVita at Poulomi Hospital

A-2 & B-17, Dr. A. S. Rao Nagar ECIL Main Road Secunderabad 500062

: +91 90191 20000


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