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DaVita India is one of the largest networks of nephrology care centres in India. It operates 15 centres across 8 major cities in India. We take pride in providing sophisticated end-to-end nephrology services for patients with kidney disease, be it acute kidney disease, renal failure or end stage renal disease (ESRD). Our kidney care team in each of our centres includes nephrologists, urologists, vascular surgeons, diabetologists, general medicine physicians, psychologists, dieticians and advanced diagnostic services, who work as a team to develop patient treatment plans and follow-up the patient’s progress with deep concern. Our services range across a large spectrum of amenities with hi-tech equipment and trained professionals who take deep interest in the patients’ well-being. Our main goal is to provide a better quality of life for all kidney patients who trust and depend upon us.

Our services include consultation for all kidney related disorders including chronic kidney disease (CKD), kidney stones, urinary tract infections, hypertension that is caused by vascular and renal disorders, electrolyte disorders and pediatric kidney diseases. Our team of well-experienced nephrologists, urologists and vascular surgeons in each of our centres are able to diagnose and treat each disease related to the kidney with the most effective treatment plans.

We also provide in-centre dialysis for patients with kidney failure. We follow strict safety protocols and policies to ensure the best quality of care for our patients. Our centres are equipped with the highest quality dialysis machines and RO plants with the highest specification to provide a safe and hygienic dialysis experience for our patients. The patients undergo dialysis in a private environment equipped with imported recliners, LCD TVs and free Wi-Fi access to keep them occupied while the dialysis is in process. We also provide pick-up and drop services to our dialysis patients.

Patients approved as fit by our nephrologists can opt for home hemo-dialysis. This will cut back on the patient’s travel time and he/she can take the treatment in the comfort of their home. But, rest assured that our clinical team will not compromise on the quality and safety of the treatment even if it is not in the clinical set-up.

With peritoneal dialysis, the patient is at liberty to perform the dialysis by himself/herself. But, they may need to perform the dialysis four times a day. Automated peritoneal dialysis requires the patient to be connected to a machine at night, which performs the dialysis. However, this type of dialysis has its own advantages and disadvantages. Our clinicians will perform the catheterisation and counsel and train the patient for peritoneal dialysis.

Kidney transplant has now become a popular choice for patients with kidney failure. Kidney transplant frees the patient of dialysis, but the patient has had a transplant, it is very vital for him/her to take good care of their health. All our major centres provide kidney transplant services with India’s top transplant surgeons and nephrologists. The DaVita transplant team helps patients find kidney donors, the donors are usually related to the patient, but we sometimes undertake cadaver transplant as well. We offer pre- and post-transplant counselling and care for the patients undergoing this major surgery.

Acute kidney injury occurs due to a sudden drop of blood flow to the kidneys due to heavy blood loss, injury, sepsis, prolonged usage of certain medications and kidney stones or prostate enlargement that block the flow of urine out of the kidneys. Such cases need immediate medical attention, so our centres in Pune, Delhi and Bangalore provide ICU backup for acute kidney injury patients.

Our expert team of nephrologists at each centre are skilled to perform multiple minimal invasive surgeries for conditions such as kidney stone and ureteric calcium. All our centres are equipped with state-of-the-art operation theatres with the most advanced technologies to assist in carrying out these surgeries. Our urologists also provide surgical and medical treatment for prostate diseases, male infertility and erectile dysfunction. They specialize in surgeries such as radical nephrectomy, prostatectomy and cystectomy in case these uro-genital parts are affected by cancer.

Dialysis can only be started once an A-V fistula has been created or a catheter is inserted, in case of peritoneal dialysis. These minor surgeries require to be performed by skilled vascular surgeons, so our centres are armed with outstanding surgeons who not only perform vascular access surgeries for dialysis but provide surgical treatment for conditions including varicose veins, gangrene, diabetic foot, strokes and more.

Diabetes is one of the major causes for kidney failure, but many diabetic patients are unaware of this. It is especially important for individuals with a family history of kidney failure to keep a check on their blood glucose levels. Since India is the diabetes capital of the world, we have taken special interest in diabetology and included expert diabetologists as part of our kidney care team. Our centres regularly hold diabetes screening camps to bring awareness among the population, and encourage chronic diabetes to undergo kidney screening tests to make sure their kidneys are in good condition.

Chronic kidney disease not only affects the physical well-being of patients but also takes a toll on their emotional well-being as well. It affects all areas of the patients’ life including work life and personal life. Kidney disease patients often experience stress, anxiety and depression. In order to provide holistic care for these patients, we provide psychology services at our centres. Our psychologists help patients with stress management, vocational guidance, study skills and also hold regular counselling sessions for the families of the patients to help them understand the patients’ emotional condition and help them support the patient.

Diet forms an important aspect of treatment for patients with kidney disease. Our dieticians work together with the clinical team to develop a health plan that will help keep the patient in good physical form and take control of other co-existing conditions such as obesity, heart health, diabetes and hypertension.

Kidney disease treatment is expensive, so DaVita India has partnered with the leading insurance providers and TPAs in the country to help patients make the most of the insurance coverage that they have or that which is provided by their workplace.


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