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DaVita India, previously known as DaVita NephroLife (India) Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 2008 and in just 8 years has established itself as the leading dialysis provider in the country. DaVita believes in the principle that “We are a community first, and a company second.” Along the years we have unconditionally improved patient outcomes and quality of life of patients with kidney disease. We pride ourselves in proclaiming that 93% of our patients are satisfied with the care that they have received at our centres. Our main emphasis is on outcomes and safety with “zero” compromise.

We believe that quality can be achieved only through focus on patient outcomes and improving the quality of life of patients. DaVita India has achieved the best outcomes in a number of areas related to kidney care including fistula use, maintaining anemia and improving mortality among critically ill kidney patients. Individual patient care is our forte.

Partnering with us will give you the opportunity of being associated with the world leader of dialysis care.

At DaVita India, we understand the complexities of running hospitals in the country with a lot of importance given to financial management, marketing, team management etc. But we would like to assure you that by partnering with us, you will be assisted every step of the way including patient awareness, business development and marketing, all at once, so you could emerge a winner.

As a doctor, if you are willing to partner with us, you will be gaining the opportunity to work with the world leader in dialysis and kidney care. Our sophisticated training will provide you with enhanced clinical skills that will enable you to give the best possible treatment for your patient. Our approach to kidney care is holistic, so our dialysis technicians and nurses are given international training and we have psychologists and dieticians on board. We provide networked dialysis, so doctors at all our centres can assess patient outcomes in other centres, to help improve their own quality of treatment. DaVita India follows patient care policies and protocols laid down on AAMI and KDOQI guidelines which are constantly innovating and changing. Our experts across the globe hold regular clinical education and training programs to enhance the knowledge of our clinical teams to empower them to provide quality care to their patients.

Technicians would be glad to join our company as they will get a chance to partner with a Fortune 500 company and get special training from the world leader in kidney care. They will have the opportunity to share knowledge with their colleagues and teammates and have the opportunity to climb up the health care community ladder at a fast pace.

DaVita runs the Dialysis Academy and students who enroll with us will have the opportunity to become experts in kidney care. They will receive training and certification from DaVita Inc. U.S.A and DaVita India. The curriculum is per the industry standards and the student can experience a combination of theory and practical based learning. Eligible candidates will be offered jobs right after the course. And students who complete one year of training at our academy will get support to appear for the Board of Nephrology Examiners Nursing & Technology (BONENT) exam. That is not all. The program has no entry fees and will provide a stipend of Rs. 10,000 per month to every student.


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