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DaVita India understands the constraints and the needs of patients suffering from kidney disease, and our goal is to provide holistic care for these patients.

Our physicians, specialized in nephrology, urology, vascular surgery and diabetology are leaders in their own fields. We provide our partner physicians with access to guidance from the world’s leading specialists in various areas of kidney care. They work as a team to develop patient care programs to achieve the best patient outcomes. We maintain monthly patient scorecards that are available to all doctors in the patient care team to help them assess the progress of individual patients. The specialists and other health care providers are trained to follow DaVita’s safety protocols and policies that have been recognised as the best in the U.S. Our partner physicians follow the globally recognised National Kidney Foundation Initiative’s guidelines to achieve improved patient outcomes. In our endeavor to deliver a holistic approach to kidney care, we have included dietary and psychology services in our patient care programs.

Our partner physicians are continuously striving to design advanced patient care programs to make kidney care effective as well as affordable to all patients.

DaVita is also involved in clinical research in order to enhance knowledge about kidney disease management. DaVita Clinical Research® (DCR®) is a specialty contract research organization (CRO) that operates in the U.S. and Europe with the goal to discover new ways of treating kidney disease and improve patient outcomes and mortality rates among patients. The results of the research programs are put into practice in our clinical settings.

DaVita India has proved time and again that it is one of the best kidney care facilities in the country through clinical outcomes that are the best in every category including vascular access, anemia, nutrition, morbidity and mortality. We have made a difference in the lives of hundreds of kidney patients in India, and we are proud to state that 93% of our patients are satisfied with the care given to them at DaVita centres. Also, the company has won a number of accolades and awards for its contribution to the field of kidney care.

As a leader in the field of kidney care, at DaVita India we continuously strive to enhance the treatment experience of all our patients. As aforementioned, we follow the same safety protocols and policies as followed by our U.S. team. We follow the best infection control protocols to avoid any unnecessary complications in our patients. Our operation theatres are well-equipped with high-tech amenities to help perform successful renal surgeries.

We use the latest dialysis machines and the highest RO specification plants to provide outstanding dialysis care for our patients. We use a new set of tubing for every dialysis session in order to avoid risks of infection, and we have observed improved intradialytic tolerance and little post-dialysis fatigue in our patients. Our dialysis units are equipped with imported recliners and personal LCD TVs and free Wi-Fi access to allow the patient to relax in a position of their choice and keep them entertained or allow them to work while they undergo dialysis. We also offer pick-up and drop services to patients, so they can have a stress-free commute to and from the dialysis centre. We are also India’s first kidney care facility to maintain online patient records which would be useful when a dialysis patient wants to travel and has to undergo dialysis at a centre in the destination of his choice.


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