DaVita Culture


DaVita, which is Italian for ‘giving life’, has more than 350 teammates in India working to provide quality dialysis care. A community-based approach forms the spirit of DaVita and we take pride in the way we care for each other, our patients and our communities. Our Core Values – Service Excellence, Integrity, Team, Continuous Improvement, Accountability, Compassion and Ananda – are our beliefs and guiding principles that enable and encourage us to make the right decisions and deliver industry-leading care to our patient community. Our ‘Zero Compromise Dialysis’ policy reflects in our holistic approach to dialysis treatment with extensive patient counselling, integrated treatment plans covering dietary management, anemia management, vaccinations and other medication management as well as individualized improvement plans for patients. As part of giving back to the community, we educate people about Chronic Kidney Disease and ways to prevent it via education camps as well as running no-cost kidney screening programs. Bridge of Life (BOL) is an international nonprofit organization, founded by DaVita, working to improve health, wellness and vitality. BOL’s mission is to improve kidney care in underserved areas of the world and we partner with them to help raise funds as well as provide support for their missions.

The DaVita Way

DaVita is a community first, and a company second. We are a community that just happens to be organized in the form of a company. As a leading provider of kidney care services in India, DaVita aims to build the greatest healthcare community the world has ever seen by accomplishing the following:

  • Improving the quality of life for people diagnosed with chronic kidney disease
  • Innovating and adding value to kidney care
  • Being a role model for global healthcare
  • Sending forth ripples of our community philosophy

Our Core Values

Our Core Values are more than just a statement. They are the rules by which our organization serves the community and the world.

Service Excellence

Serving others — our reason for existing. We continually seek to understand the needs of those who depend on us (our patients, doctors, and our fellow team members) and then to exceed their expectations.


We say what we believe, and we do what we say. We are trusted because we are trustworthy. In our personal, team, and organizational values, we strive for alignment in what we say and do.


One for All, and All for One! We work together, sharing a common purpose, a common culture and common goals. We genuinely care for and support, not only those to whom we provide care, but those with whom we work shoulder-to-shoulder. We work together to pursue achieving our Mission.

Continuous Improvement

We never stand still; we are never satisfied. Individually, and as teams, we constantly look at what we do, and ask, “How can we do this better?” Then, we use a systematic approach to take action.


We don’t say, “It’s not my fault,” or “It’s not my job.” We take responsibility for meeting our commitments — our personal ones as well as those of the entire organization. We take ownership of the results.


We understand and empathize with our patients' and teammates' problems, challenges, needs, and circumstances, and we find ways to guide or help relieve their predicaments to the best of our ability.


We find happiness and bliss in the work we do and spread the same among all our patients and teammates. We also celebrate "giving life" and deliver many moments of joy to our patient community and their families by serving them with the utmost care.