Find a dialysis center

In-center hemodialysis is for people who prefer their treatments at a dialysis center. During in-center dialysis trained technicians are with you at all times. The usual schedule for in-center hemodialysis is three times a week, for about three to four hours per treatment, plus travel time to and from the center. Some people prefer to go to a dialysis center for treatment because:

  • Treatment is administered by trained kidney care professionals
  • They enjoy interactions with fellow dialysis patients and staff
  • Dialysis is only three times a week, leaving the rest of the week free
  • Receive your care in one of our clean, friendly dialysis centers
  • Your treatments will be provided by our certified caregivers

After talking with your nephrologist, you may determine that in-center hemodialysis is right for your lifestyle.

The next step for those who choose in-center dialysis as their treatment option, is to find a DaVita dialysis center keeping in mind their location and ease of accessibility. DaVita’s dialysis centers are spread across India in cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Haryana, Hosur & Kuppam, Hyderabad , Jalandhar , Ludhiana, Patiala , Pune and Pondicherry. To know more about each location, click on each location tab.