In-Center Hemodialysis

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What is in-center hemodialysis?

In-center hemodialysis is a treatment procedure whereby dialysis is conducted on patients with the help of a machine and a dialyzer also referred to as ‘artificial kidney’ from DaVita dialysis centers. It can treat both acute (temporary) and chronic (permanent) kidney disease. The usual schedule for in-center hemodialysis is three times a week, for about three to four hours each treatment, plus travel time to and from the center.

What are benefits of in-center dialysis at DaVita?

The dialysis centers at DaVita are equipped with the latest technology in dialysis care ensuring a smooth and hassle-free dialysis experience. DaVita centers are equipped with the high-quality dialysis machines and RO plants to provide a safe and hygienic dialysis experience. The patients undergo dialysis in a private environment equipped with imported recliners, LCD TVs and Wi-Fi access while the dialysis is in progress.

In-center dialysis ensures undivided attention by a highly-trained clinical team that’s dedicated to delivering superior care and making your experience as comfortable as possible. During in-center dialysis trained technicians are with you at all times. Additionally, patients may choose to have social interactions with the staff and other patients. DaVita offers the best-in-class dialysis care in keeping with international standards of care and adhering to global best practices

What treatment options do we offer in In-center dialysis?

DaVita’s in-center dialysis procedures cater to dialysis needs for people in different stages of kidney disease. Some of our centers offer hemodialysis for HCV+, HBV+ and retro+ patients. Additionally, some centers provide special procedures such as plasmapheresis, Continuous Renal Replacement Therapy (CRRT) and Hemodiafiltration (HDF). Our nephrologists also offer renal anemia management and management of comorbidities such as diabetes and hypertension.

How do you decide that in-center dialysis is right for you?

In-center dialysis is one of the treatment choices for kidney disease management. The benefits of getting incenter dialysis are as follows:

  • Treatment by trained dialysis technicians and therapists
  • Nutritionists catering to diet and nutrition needs
  • Dialysis is conducted only three times a week
  • Unlike home hemodialysis, in-center dialysis does not require a care partner or attendant

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