Patient Testimonals

  A few weeks ago, during dialysis, my hemoglobin dropped to 6.3 and caused severe breathlessness – it was the thanks to the quick action and caring words of the technicians which saved my life that day. They made it look simple. Today, if I am breathing and writing this email means it is only because of them. Please appreciate their work and with such caring professionals, DaVita can surely raise their collar and say “We are number one in this service.” Much appreciated guys!!!

- Mr. Sathish, Puducherry

 DaVita was one of only a handful of centres that were fully operational during the Chennai Floods. It feels great to be associated with DaVita, which emphasizes on patient's health and ensures their safety even during this time of great distress. I'm very thankful for your call to check on my wellbeing.

- Mr. Ramesh, Bangalore

 We were really worried on how to get transportation to the centre but yesterday, we managed to reach your centre and were really overwhelmed to see the staff working so hard to ensure patient safety. Now, today when you have called to ask us how we are, it gives us more happiness that this hospital really cares for us. Thank you so much.

- Mr. Manikandan, Chennai