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DaVita is one of the largest networks of dialysis centers in India. It operates 25 centers across 13 cities in India. We take pride in providing high quality end-to-end nephrology services for patients with kidney disease, be it acute kidney disease, renal failure or end stage renal disease (ESRD). Our multi-disciplinary kidney care team, in each of our centers, work as a team to develop patient treatment plans and serve patients with utmost care. We offer a plethora of services including in-center dialysis, home hemodialysis and acute care services. Our additional patient services include OPD consultation, diet and nutrition consultation and kidney education classes and screenings. A community-based approach forms the core of our services where we follow global best practices approach in delivering dialysis services to patients.

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Our host of additional services aim to strengthen patient care and provide holistic treatment to kidney patients.

In-Center Dialysis

In-center hemodialysis is for people who prefer their treatments at a dialysis center. DaVita centers are equipped with the high-quality dialysis machines and RO plants to provide a safe and hygienic dialysis experience. The patients undergo dialysis in a private environment equipped with imported recliners, LCD TVs and Wi-Fi access while the dialysis is in progress. During in-center dialysis trained technicians are with you at all times. Additionally, patients may choose to have social interactions with the staff and other patients. The usual schedule for in-center hemodialysis is three times a week, for about three to four hours each treatment, plus travel time to and from the center.

Hemodiafiltration at DaVita : At DaVita, we constantly evaluate ways to improve patient outcomes and experiences during dialysis treatments. The hemodiafiltration services at DaVita are aimed towards improving outcomes of dialysis treatment and patient quality of life compared to those associated with hemodialysis.

Difference between hemodiafiltration and hemodialysis : Hemodiafiltration differs from hemodialysis -- the country's most common dialysis method -- in that hemodiafiltration incorporates the standard hemodialysis process but adds an extra step designed to remove even larger toxin particles, thereby further cleansing a patient's blood.
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Acute Care Services : Acute care services are aimed at healing kidney injuries caused by sudden drop of blood flow to the kidneys due to various factors including injury, sepsis and prostrate enlargement. Our acute care centers are well-equipped to provide comprehensive support including ICU support to patients with kidney injuries. Our expert team of nephrologists at each center are skilled to perform multiple minimal invasive surgeries for conditions such as kidney stone and ureteric calcium.
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Home Hemodialysis (HHD)

DaVita’s Home Hemodialysis (HHD) program is designed to ensure a smooth and hassle-free dialysis experience. There are multiple benefits of getting dialysis done from the comfort of home. It improves patient’s quality of life as well as their clinical outcomes. Some reported outcomes of Home Hemodialysis (HHD) include better weight control, anemia, adequacy, albumin well within acceptable ranges, and well-maintained nutrition levels.
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Our host of additional services aim to strengthen patient care and provide holistic treatment to kidney patients.

Dietitian & Nutrition Consultation

Following a kidney-friendly diet regime is an integral part of renal care. Our nutritionists at different centers help patients plan their diet regime based on eating the right food and in right amounts to know more about kidney-friendly recipes, visit our recipe section
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Kidney Education Classes and Screenings

Kidney Aware™ is a patient education program dealing with a comprehensive overview of management of kidney disease and comorbidities like diabetes and hypertension. It is aimed at improving awareness, engagement and empowerment of the patient community towards kidney disease. Attend classes in your community with professionals to learn about kidney disease. Find a kidney aware class or no-cost kidney screening.
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Travel Support

At DaVita we provide support to patients traveling to cities where we have centers. DaVita has more than 25 dialysis centers across India, and travelers can easily book appointment through the following ways :

Find a dialysis centre on our website here

Call DaVita at 9019120000 to reach a customer service specialist right away

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OPD Consultation

DaVita’s team of nephrologists are available answer all your queries on renal care. For medical advice from a qualified physicians on a diagnosis and/or for treatments as well as information regarding your specific condition please walk in to our centers after booking your appointment by filling the form below :

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Diet Telecounseling

At DaVita, we put emphasis on following a proper diet regime as part of our renal treatment plan. Diet telecounseling facility is available at DaVita both for renal patients availing services here as well as any individual looking specifically for a diet counselor. To book an appointment with our diet counselor simply dial our helpline number 9740426060.